Saturday, 22 April 2017

Issue 2014

For this issue, the problem was that the publish link when it is generated, it did not have the hypertext protocol (https://) applied to the link. Pomax was concerned that Microsoft Edge did not like how the link was not generated with https://.

To solve this issue, I used the Firefox inspector to find how it is generated. I was able to find the javascript code used. Using the github repository for Thimble, I searched up different element and tag names used in the javascript.

Because there were so many files found, I was unable to locate the specific file that was used. Since the link is generated, I thought it was created from the server side. I was wrong. Gideonthomas replied in the github that it is actually generated from the client side. I am assuming this is the case since it requires the client's username to create a publish link. He was able to locate the exact file that was used to generate the href and text in html. 

From the page, I appended the word "html://" to the variable that held the original link. Once I refreshed the page, everything seemed fine. 

Below is the html page which is generated by the client side javascript codes: here it shows the href and the text to show up with hypertext protocol. 

The issue with my pull request is that once it is published with http://localhost, it does not work correctly. I think this may be due to the local dev factors which does not know how to deal with the protocol. 

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