Thursday, 2 March 2017

And another bug!

Lab 5

This blog is about the new bug I will be working on. This bug occurs when the webpage is refreshed. When the page refreshes, it moves the cursor to the top of the page, making it very difficult to use because user would constantly have to scroll back down whenever this happens. My goal is to prevent this from happening. When ever the page refreshes, it should stay where the cursor was in its last position.

flukeout has noted that the refresh does not occur when you are just typing text into the HTML page. Preview will only update, but will not refresh. But when a tag is added, or when editing a style sheet that is connected to the page, refresh will occur.

To work on this bug, I need to know how to reproduce the bug. On the Github issue page, there are multiple notes regarding how the cursor is positioned, how the bug is produced and where the code that affects the bug is located. I will have to look into all the necessary information given on the issue page here.

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