Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Lab 3 - DPS909 Getting Thimble to work!

Setting up Thimble locally on my computer was super easy! It only took me an hour to set everything up and it was mostly due to waiting for installation to complete. I am running Windows 8.1 Enterprise edition as my operating system, and I expected to have some difficulty. But installing node.js, getting the open source files from github, and setting up virtual machine using vagrant was smooth sailing. I am happy that I can start working on the Thimble bug I chose.

The Thimble issue I chose was:

The issue is that when you change colour settings on Thimble, it does not change the part under Files tab. This files tab is framed under Bramble. To fix this issue, I must identify where tab is in Bramble and figure out how to change the colour once the user selects different colour tab.

The image above is Thimble and Bramble running on my device locally

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